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We create experiential technology to engage consumers and leave a lasting impression.

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App Development

Whether you need a unique registration platform, sweepstakes entry, or an interactive game, our team is prepared to meet your needs. We have streamlined our development process, resulting in a smooth build with an efficient consumer experience. Additionally, data can be stored and shared with your CRM, and systems can be built to operate online or offline.

Web Apps

Our team of talented and experienced developers are prepared to build a website or web app for your campaign. Unique registration, surveys, or sweepstakes will be branded to fit your every need, including social media app integration. 

Live Stream Services

We provide live streaming and webcasting services for virtually any type of event.  Whether in the field, studio, conference hall, or even home we have the technology and experience to create a professional, multi-camera production that will keep your viewers engaged and focused on your message.

Virtual Events

A virtual environment is a perfect way to create an experience that can live online and allow customers to tour your activation without leaving their seats. 


An environment where customers can move around your space, interact with displays, download brochures, watch marketing videos, and, yes, even order products and services, right from their own device.

Event Production

Nash Imaging serves as a one-stop-shop for all the demands of a modern campaign or event. Given the comprehensive nature of our team, we are equipped to handle each and every aspect of a project without involving multiple vendors.


Our expertise includes custom fabrication, mailers, production shoots, on-site staffing, and data management in addition to an array of printing equipment to handle your apparel or signage needs. 

Online Mosaics

Mosaics allow people to come together and be a part of something bigger.  By promoting the mosaic through social channels, images can be collected via #hashtag monitoring, text message, and an online uploader. 

The final image can be embedded into microsites and viewed in real-time as it is developing. 

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